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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

Powerful Defense for Misdemeanor and Felony Charges

When faced with criminal charges, one of the most important decisions you will make is retaining the counsel of an effective, experienced law firm. If you are convicted of such felonies as murder, rape, or an internet sex crime, your personal freedoms will be strictly limited, and you could be ordered to serve a lengthy prison sentence. Misdemeanor charges can also carry serious penalties if convicted, even for such crimes as probation violation, shoplifting, or possession of a small quantity of drugs. Criminal charges of any nature mean that your relationships, reputation, career, and future are in jeopardy, which is why you cannot hesitate to enlist the knowledgeable legal counsel of our skilled criminal defense team.

Ardalan & Associates, PLC have defended the rights of San Diego residents for more than a decade, and we are committed to providing clients with the smart guidance and aggressive representation necessary to fight criminal charges. Our dedicated criminal defense team has been recognized as Rising Stars by Super Lawyers®, and we were honored to be a part of Newsweek's 2011 Nationwide Showcase of Top Attorneys. Our firm works tirelessly to protect defendants' rights and build comprehensive cases, and we have defended countless clients against criminal charges throughout San Diego County.

Charged with a crime? Our team can help!

If you have been charged with a crime, you should be confident that your legal team has the skill and seasoned knowledge to help you challenge the allegations. If you were arrested for a DUI, you can depend on our lawyers to guide you through the process, both before the criminal court and at your DMV hearing. We understand how embarrassed and frightened you feel after being charged with a first DUI, but our dedicated team will help you understand your options. California strictly prosecutes under 21 DUI charges, but we will fight to protect your freedoms and defend your case. In circumstances of multiple DUIs or a felony DUI charge, you can trust that we will aggressively advocate for your rights before the court.

Our firm is experienced in the defense of drug crime allegations, and we can challenge accusations made against you involving any controlled or illegal substances, including marijuana possession. If you were arrested for drug sales, distribution, or manufacturing, we will examine all evidence and ensure your rights were not violated during an illegal search and seizure. In cases of alleged juvenile crimes, we adamantly seek to have the case tried within the juvenile court system, and argue for lesser penalties.

Fight Your Charges

Theft crimes may be charged as either misdemeanor or felony offenses, which is why it is imperative to have the counsel of an effective law firm. These crimes include charges of robbery, carjacking, and burglary, and the consequences can be harsh if convicted. In some cases, theft offenses occur in conjunction with violent crimes, which can lead to more serious penalties. These felony charges range from domestic violence and assault & battery to manslaughter, and if convicted, you may face many years in county jail or state prison. Our firm is prepared to provide you with aggressive defense against these allegations, and you can be confident your case will receive a powerful legal voice.

Sex crimes are fiercely prosecuted in the state of California, but our firm possesses the skill and strong trial strategy to defend you against allegations of sexual misconduct, including charges of prostitution, solicitation, and indecent exposure. If you have been arrested under suspicion of sexual abuse or sexual assault, you must retain the representation of a determined law firm as soon as possible. You should be confident that you have an effective, relentless advocate on your side to challenge these damaging accusations.

Enlist Powerful San Diego Criminal Defense for Your Case

We are prepared and capable to handle your case no matter what charges you face, including arrests for such white collar crimes as counterfeiting and credit card fraud. Our firm has represented countless clients against criminal charges, and we are prepared to speak for you whether you have been charged with a federal crime, issued a bench warrant, or if you are seeking expungement of your criminal record. At Ardalan & Associates, PLC, we understand the devastating effects criminal allegations can have on your life, but we are committed to challenging your charges and providing your case with smart, unyielding representation. If you were charged with a crime in San Diego, you cannot risk your case in the hands of a public defender. Call our firm today for effective legal counsel!